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Well I got a Lidl Satellite box(Silvercrest/Comag sl65) and dish(80cm) and I got addicted to it. So much so I rigged it up with a Motor a weathered Moteck clone.
Recently got a HUMAX freesat+ PVR which is excellent, with a quadLNH have 3 boxes running of one dish and 2 lines going into the PVR of course.
Salvage - I salvaged a 100cm Dish which I use get things out of range of the 100cm and manually use it from time to time. I also have an analog Grundig Receiver which whilst battered and neglected I can plug in and occassionaly see the last remaining Analog Stations just before its final demise - Astra 19.2 east and Atlantic Bird 5 west seem to be the diehards hanging on.

Well I suppose the whole aim to get into satellite was to get rid of NTL and not have to pay them. So to get the Terrestrial Channels RTE 1 & 2, TV3 and TG4 - I use a 48 element wideband/UHF aerial in the attic pointed at three rock mountain - RTE were running DTTV tests from it, using MPEG4 coded signals.

Receiving both via a DVB USB Dongle, and also on Sony Bravia(with MPeg4 Decoder) - RTE 1, 2(in HD) and News, also TV3 and 3e and TG4 - saorview due for offical launch in May 2011
Since the Demise of Analog Terrestrial (October 2012) I have got a Digital SetTop box from Laurus - records onto a USB Key and has RTE 1, RTE 2, RTE Jnr, RTE News Now, RTE 1+1, TV3, 3e and TG4.

Favourite Channels I am a news and sports junkie so
  • Travel Channels 1 and 2 (now gone) {28e)
  • Al Jazzera (28e)
  • France 24 (28e)
  • CNN (28e)
  • EuroNews (28e)
  • BBC News (28e)
  • BBC Three (28e) - Family Guy!
  • BBC Four (28e) - excellent
  • ITV1,2,3,4 (28e) -  good for reruns and regional variations (also +1 hour delay channels)
  • CNN (28e)
  • Film 4 (28e)
  • Eurosport (19e) - in German
  • Eurosport 1 (13e) - in English (October 2012)
  • Eurosport 2 (13e) - in English (October 2012)
  • CNBC (19e now on 28e) - often show golf.
  • ARD & ZDF (19e) - Sometimes you get football matches on them (in German)
  • DW TV (19e and 13e)
  • RT Documentry (13e)
  • VOA (13e)
  • Pentagon Channel (13e)
  • Sports (13e)
  • France 2 & 4 (5w) - Good for the ERC Rugby

I believe RTE and TG4 should go on freesat ( if they are cut down version of the channels for rights issues)

France 2
France 4
France 5

Europe by satellite

Pentagon Channel VOice of America Eurosport

Eurosport Deutshe Welle CNN ZDF ARD CNBC
BBC Regionals 1 2 3 4 and BBC News ITV 1 regionals 2 3 4 and citv travel channel EuroNews

CNN+ Spanish Language CNN
Cubavision International